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There is more to a cake than meets the eye. Beyond the icing and the decorations lies a story that wants to be told to the guests. It brings life to the party. The end product is the result of the individuality of the celebrant and the skill of the baker.

Here at Sweet Doce Brazil we pride ourselves on producing cakes that are not only creatively done, but taste amazing, too. We provide exceptional customer service to ensure that we will be able to give you what you truly want. We listen carefully to your specifications to make sure that we carry out your instructions to a T. We treat our customers as they should be—special.

We focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of our products. Thus, you are assured that we use nothing but the best ingredients. We use natural flavorings and high quality butter for the icing. Everything in our shop is made with the intention of providing satisfaction to our customers.

Our large selection of cakes and desserts will show you how versatile we are. Our cupcakes are scrumptious, topped with creamy frostings and succulent with every bite. You will surely reach out for another one. We have the chewiest cookies in town, done in different variants.

Brazilian cakes and desserts are a mainstay in our menu. We bring you the best of these sweet treats within the comforts of Yuma, AZ. Our cakes are masterpieces. If you want custom cakes, call us. We specialize in personalized cakes, giving life to your imagination. We will make your occasion as special as you are to us.

If you are still undecided on your design, worry not because you can choose from our wide array of designs and variants to suit your taste. Our staff is trained to assist your needs and guide you. You can trust us to provide you and your guests with a sumptuous dessert. In our cake shop, you are in good hands.

Explore our wide array of cakes and desserts. We will not make you feel wanting, because everything you need will be in front of you.

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